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The rich hazelnut flavour combines excellently with vinegar or lemon juice to make a light, tasty vinaigrette for salads. To preserve, it is best used cold and added to a dish at the last moment. Delicious with grilled meat or fish, pasta, potatoes, beans, cheese, carpaccio, or as a dip for bread.

The hazelnut oil is made according to a traditional, H150 year old French method. After harvesting the nuts are washed, sorted, dried in the sun for several days, and then stored for further drying. They are then ground and slowly roasted in cast iron kettles. The resulting paste is cold pressed in a hydraulic press and after mechanical extraction is lightly filtered and bottled. This method of production ensures a rich hazel nut flavour. The leftovers are sold as animal feed or used in bakeries.


  • hazelnut oil. May contain traces of sesame.