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Frastagliate Tricolore all'Uovo is a pasta type based on fresh eggs in three colors: green, yellow and orange. These cheerful colors are made by using natural ingredients, such as spinach, tomato, red beets and peppers. With this 'tricolore' pasta you are guaranteed a festive presentation. The name 'Frastagliate' refers to the jagged edge of the pasta, which symbolizes the jagged shape of the Peninsula coast. This pasta type is very popular in Italy, because pasta sauce sticks to this jagged edge.


Frastagliate Tricolore all'Uovo is from the Italian Piemonte. The supplier is a small company which specialises in egg pasta and makes it according to ancient traditions, involving hand kneading and rolling, plus drying slowly and on a low temperature.


Of course this egg pasta can be very well combined with a tomato sauce. But with a lightly colored pasta sauce the cheerful colors are even more apparent. Tip: mix some sour cream with sweet gorgonzola and allow this to melt. Add a splash of milk, a whiff of salt, pepper and  a handful of crushed walnuts. Garnish with some Parmesan cheese.



  • durum wheat semolina, egg (22%), spinach, tomato, red chard, paprika.