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The Couscous Natural & Tomato Mix is a particularly colorful mix, consisting of tomato and natural couscous. This couscous mix is exclusively developed for Oil & Vinegar and cannot be surpassed in color, experience and flavor. Couscous has been eaten as an evening meal for centuries, but can also be cooked for lunch or in a salad. It's no surprise that it's one of the most important dishes in the Moroccan and entire North African kitchen.

This Couscous Mix has a preparation time of only five minutes. For a delicious meal, put the couscous in a pan with a similar amount of boiling stock. Carefully stir it before covering the pan and leaving it to rest for five minutes. Add olive oil according to personal taste and stir the couscous until it is separated. The couscous can be eaten cold as a salad with fresh ingredients, or it can be served warm in combination with grilled vegetables, in a tajine or steamed dish.

Couscous Natural & Tomato Mix is great during the winter months when combined with venison and poultry, or vegetarian with courgette and mushrooms. But in the summer or spring you will steal the show with fresh flavors in a Tabouleh salad such as a light fish bake with broccoli and tomato sauce. And it's always delicious with meat balls and ratatouille!

Oekla shahiya!

(Enjoy the food!)    


  • durum wheat semolina, tomato powder 0.6%, colour: annato.