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A spice that nowadays complements every meal, is pepper. In colonial times, a handful of peppercorns was incredibly expensive. Nowadays, pepper is accessible to anyone. This Black Pepper, whole black peppercorns, are grown in Italy and have a rich, outspoken flavor and sharp taste. When creating black pepper, the unripe green berry from the pepper plant is dried, giving the peel a characteristic color and texture. This pepper stimulates digestion and gives a spicy flavor to soups, puree, salads, fish and meat dishes, vegetables and salads.

Black pepper provides a simple way of spicing things up. Use the whole peppercorns loose or grind them up in a mill, so that the scent and aroma of freshly ground pepper truly comes into its own in whichever meal. This handy Black Pepper can be used on its own, but the refill is also compatible with the Oil & Vinegar Black Pepper Mill. A robust and practical kitchen tool for on your dinner table or for kitchen use!