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This robust grinder won't be out of place in the kitchen or dinner table, it's filled with Black Pepper, black peppercorns from Italy, which are known for their sharp flavor. Peppercorns grow on the pepper plant; it grows fruit after three years and then remains active for six to seven years. Each pepper plant provides about one kilo of pepper in a whole year. Black peppercorns are created from unripe harvested berries, their color changes from green to black after drying and gains a wrinkled appearance. By freshly grinding them, the aroma and flavor are optimally experienced.

Meat and fish dishes are given a spicy touch with this freshly ground black pepper. Mix the ground pepper through mince for a spicy meatball or add it to olive oil and stir fry vegetables in it. Flavor your pastas and salads by twisting the mill once or twice. A delicious flavoring in a smoothly working pepper mill which feels robust and sturdy when held. Even more good news: this pepper grinder is refillable with the Oil & Vinegar Black Pepper refill.    

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