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Flavorful Spanish olive oil begs for tasty Spanish dishes. Use as a shrimp or chicken marinade or drizzle over fresh paella. Try it in a gazpacho (or other vegetable soups) to add some spiciness or use it to add flavor to a simple salad. 


Our Spanish producer started in 1872, the 5th generation now runs the company and has its own olive groves and press in the outer foothills of the Mountains of Toledo. This special location offers optimum climate conditions which together with the characteristics of the soil produce olive oil of excellent quality. Cornicabra, Picual, Arbequina and Hojiblanca are the varieties that best represent their olive groves. They opt for minimum working of the land, which helps conserve the fauna and flora of the soils.

Within a few hours of being picked, the olives arrive at the mill where, after classification, they are pressed and transformed into extra virgin olive oil. For every stage of the process, they have the industry’s leading machinery.

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