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Made from white, palomino grapes, the grapes are first sundried to raise the sugar content and then pressed to give the sherry its sweet flavor. It is aged in barrels, called 'criaderas' the barrel containing the most aged vinegar is called the 'solera'. The barrels are stacked in pyramid form. The youngest sherry is at the top. The vinegar travels through the oak barrels from top to bottom. When the vinegar is taken from the solera, the grape juice is added to the youngest barrel and the process starts again.
Suggested pairings:
Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Provencal Herb Oil
Italian Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
For vinaigrettes
For marinades
In dishes with mushrooms
  • sherry vinegar (50%) (contains sulphur dioxide) water, sugar, white wine vinegar (contains sulphites).

Sherry Vinegar