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The dish owes its name to the Piri-Piri pepper: one of the many chili peppers on earth. With chili you automatically think of sweat pegs on your forehead, but that is not so bad at Piri-Piri.

The Portuguese have discovered the Piri-Piri pepper in Mozambique. This pepper is also called African Bird's Eye Chili: they liked it so much that it went to Portugal in the suitcase. The recipe for chicken Piri-Piri originated in Portuguese kitchens: the spicy chicken quickly grew into a national delicacy.

The spice mix consists of garlic, bell pepper, chili pepper, oregano, chili pods and lemon zest. You will find sugar in many Piri-Piri herbs, but this is without. Also, as little salt as possible was used.

  • Garlic, bell pepper, chili pepper (15%), oregano, chili pods (3%), lemon zest, sea salt.

Piri Piri spices