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A matching olive pick cannot be missed on a beautifully decorated appetizer table. This olive wood pick combines natural with stylish. The tulip-shaped pick is 5.71 in. Completely handmade in Tunisia from olive wood, which is characterized by its golden-brown color. Due to it being a natural product, all items look different, which is the charm of this product.

Olive wood requires specific maintenance: washing is only allowed by hand with water without detergent. Do not expose it too much to sun or heat. If the olive pick dries out a little because of intensive use, you can easily sand it with sandpaper and rub it with some neutral (olive) oil afterward so that the natural sheen of olive wood reappears.

This olive wood olive pick fits extremely well in our wide selection of olive wood accessories. They are all beautiful and unique. Come and try experiencing this natural luxury in our shop. 

  • Product specifications

    Type: pick

    Color: golden-brown

    Dimensions: 5.71 in

Olive Wood Pick