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Sometimes it’s difficult to make decisions, but sometimes it’s not! In this gift set you will find three little jars with mustard which are equally delicious. 

The name says it all: Honey Mustard is a sweet mustard that is made of fine mustard seeds, and the honey gives the mustard a sweetish undertone. The addition of garlic gives the Garlic Mustard, which is made of whole mustard seeds, a spicy touch. And the Devil’s Mustard is the hottest of them all! The ‘Devil’s Mustard’ got its hotness due to the whole mustard seeds and the addition of cayenne pepper, chili and spices.

All mustards can be served both hot and cold. All three mustards give their own flavor characters to various types of cheese and snacks like croquets. The mustards can also be used in salads by adding them to the vinaigrette of olive oil and vinegar. Or use them in sauces to add a little more pit. Did you know that mustard is also very suitable in marinades that are used in combination with loin roast or ham?

As you can see, you can use the Mustard Trio in different ways! A small recommendation for the big fans: we also sell the Honey Mustard, Garlic Mustard and Devil’s Mustard in bigger jars!  

  • Honey mustard:mustard seeds, honey (25%), vinegar, water, spices, sugar, salt, natural flavor, dill, herbs, curcumine

    Garlic mustard: mustard seeds, vinegar, water, sugar, garlic (2%), spices, salt, natural flavor

    Devil's mustard:mustard seeds, vinegar, water, chilli pepper (7%), hot pepper sauce (peppers, mustard, salt, vinegar, sugar, herbs, spices), sugar, spices, salt, natural flavor, citric acid, benzoic acid