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Discover a culinary journey when you add Melange de France to your dishes. Melange de France is a tasty blend of herbs and spices. Curcuma and coriander gives this herb mix a slight curry-like flavor. The possibilities are endless with Oil & Vinegar dried herb mixes.

Recipe ideas:

  • Make a dip using half sour cream and half mayonnaise
  • Mix it with a scoop of butter and melt it on steaks and wild game.
  • Shake in omelettes
  • Add into dressings and marinades
  • Add into rice
  • Sprinkle on salads
  • garlic, onion, lactose, celery, salt, parsley, tarragon, turmeric, natural flavoring, pepper, spices, sage, thyme, oregano, citric acid, coriander, soy oil, chili, paprika, rosemary, seasoning (soya), whey product, dextrose, sunflower oil. Contains milk and soy.

French Herb Mix