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100% Manzanillo

Enjoy the first press of the season! It's cloudy, golden in color with strong olive flavors, smooth balanced fruit (ripe pear) and a clean finish. It's the freshest extra virgin olive oil you'll find. 

California Grown - hand-harvested and milled on October 17, 2017.

This EVOO is a seasonal specialty! Available for only a few months each year. 

Novello olive oil means "New" olive oil in Italian and is a celebration of the beginning of the harvest season for olive oil. This oil is literally harvested, pressed, bottled and sent to you in just a few days, making it the freshest and healthiest EVOO you can possibly get. We are excited to share this very special extra virgin olive oil with you. 


  • Use on bruschettas
  • Over popcorn
  • With grilled fish
  • With Sauteed vegetables
  • extra virgin olive oil

California Novello