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Now our most popular product comes in three delicious flavors and in a unique gift set. Basic ingredients like tomato and garlic never tasted so good and all you need is hot water and olive oil, mix and enjoy! Whether you are planning a meal or arranging a quick, impromptu gathering, you are sure to please everyone with Bruschetta, Formaggio (Bruschetta with Cheese) and Bruschetta with Olive.

Recipe ideas:

  • Serve it as a dip
  • Spread it on toasted, crusty bread like a traditional Italian Bruschetta, melt some cheese on top (mozzarella, provolone)
  • Use it as a pizza base
  • Add into lasagna, Bolognese mix, marinara sauce
  • Shake dry in salads or soups
  • Add dry in omelets
  • Mix it with cream cheese, sour cream, mayo use it as dip for veggies or spread on sandwiches.
  • Sprinkle on roasted potatoes.
  • Add prepared Bruschetta to meatloaf or meatballs
Bruschetta con Olive Bruschetta Originale Bruschetta con Mango Bruschetta con Formaggio Bruschetta Pomodoro






  • Bruschetta

    tomato, garlic, basil, oregano, sweet bell pepper, salt.

    Olive Bruschetta

    tomato, olives (20%), garlic, salt, corn starch, basil, paprika, oregano.

    Bruschetta con Formaggio

    tomato,cheese 20% (milk, salt,lactic acid bacteria, enzym lactase, E251, E160b),garlic, salt, corn starch, basil, paprika, oregano.Contains milk.

Bruschetta Trio