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When you open this jar, you are sold! A delicious aroma or different herbs and spices is what your senses pick up. You get that French feeling with its rich cuisine. This Mélange de France can be used in several dishes in both dry and tempered form. Add some water to the desired amount of Mélange de France and leave it soaked for about 5 minutes. Then add some (extra virgin) olive oil. We are pleased to give you some suggestions, but also trust your own intuition.

You can add this herb mix to your favorite oil and vinegar to create a special dressing. Stir the soaked Mélange de France into sour cream and enjoy a flavorful sauce that tastes perfect with baked potatoes. Also try mixing Mélange de France with butter to create a delicious herb butter. Tasteful on baguettes, but also delicious when melting over meat. Are you a fan or a dip with chips and vegetables? Add olive mayonnaise and yogurt to the soaked French mix for a delicious herb mayonnaise. Do you prefer a healthier version, simply mix the soaked blend with cottage cheese!

To give your dishes that authentic French taste, you can add some Mélange de France to your soup, omelet or casserole. Do you want to cook French meatballs? Mix some soaked herb mix with raw ground beef. Also delicious for seasoning marinades and on vegetables, pasta or rice.

Transform your kitchen into a piece of France!


  • garlic (23%), onion, milk sugar, celery , salt, parsley (5%), tarragon (4%), turmeric, natural flavors, pepper, spices, sage (1%), thyme (1%), oregano ( 1%), acid: citric acid, coriander (1%), soy oil, chili, pepper, rosemary (1%), seasoning ( soy ), whey product ( milk ), dextrose, sunflower oil.

Mélange de France