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fruity - hint of vanilla


red - brown




6 %

We are extremely proud of this very special herbal vinegar in the Oil & Vinegar collection. Rozendal, our South African supplier, won the Sofi™ 2011 Gold award for the best new product with this Hibiscus Vinegar. This special herbal vinegar uses the petals of the Hibiscus flower. Hibiscus is full of vitamin C, is caffeine-free, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, and enhances the immune system. It has a subtle fragrance, a beautiful colour and an alluring flavour.

Rozendal vinegar is made according to the traditional French Slow Orleans method. The wine is aged for the first three weeks in old oak barrels at a temperature of 30°C. This allows the wine to ferment to vinegar, completely naturally and without the need to add anything to it.

Fermentation then takes place in small oak barrels before it is then matured for a further 12 years following the Solera method, whereby parts of the vinegar are systematically transferred to other barrels of different ages. This production process ensures a complex vinegar flavour and preserves the aromas of the wine.

Hibiscus Vinegar adds Hibiscus, rose hip, elderberry and vanilla, giving a fresh tingle to dressings, summer fruits and salsa, and it is also delicious with fish. Dressing tip: mix with Castello Zacro Olive Oil or Walnut oil.

For more information about the South African Rozendal Estate or Hibiscus Vinegar, visit!

  • red wine vinegar (47%), grape must (47%), hibiscus (1,5%), rosehip (1,5%), elderflower (1,5%). Acidity: 6%.

Hibiscus Vinegar